A novel approach of a first order optimization technique applicable to design process of photonic sensing devices and waveguide geometries is presented. The application of the optical field sensitivity mapping technique enables first order optimization of geometrical parameters with the final goal of enhancing the overall device sensitivity. The technique is simple, requiring only two simulations of optical field propagation and the extraction of a sensitivity map. The method is demonstrated in a design optimization process of a realistic multi mode interference sensing device. As a result, optimization of the MMI active section length, sensing region width, and the output location was accomplished. A comparison between the optimized device and two other ones of different length showed a 10 dB higher dynamic range of the output power ratio characteristic and better linearity, demonstrating enhanced sensitivity of the final device.

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Photonics North 2007
Department of Electronics

Celo, D., Walkey, D.J., Smy, T, & Albert, J. (2008). First order optimization technique for interferometric optical waveguide sensors. Presented at the Photonics North 2007. doi:10.1117/12.778932