An apodized chirped in-fibre Bragg grating that has a linear dispersion characteristic is reported. The frequency components of an optical pulse (centre wavelength 1551 nm; 10 GHz bandwidth) incident on the grating are reflected with a relative delay that varies linearly from 0 to 130 ps across the spectral width of the pulse. The dispersion compensator is used to correct for the dispersion in a 100 km link (nondispersion shifted fibre) operating at a 10 Gbit/s transmission rate and a wavelength of 1551 nm.

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Journal Electronics Letters
Hill, K.O. (K. O.), Theriault, S. (S.), Malo, B. (B.), Bilodeau, F. (F.), Kitagawa, T. (T.), Johnson, D.C. (D. C.), … Hagimoto, K. (K.). (1994). Chirped in-fibre Bragg grating dispersion compensators: Linearization of dispersion characteristic and demonstration of dispersion compensation in 100km, 10 Gbit/s optical fibre link. Electronics Letters, 30(21), 1755–1756. doi:10.1049/el:19941214