A novel method for the cyclotrimerization of dimethylcyanamide to form hexamethylmelamine has been developed using an aluminium amide catalyst; detailed DFT modelling of the catalytic cycle supports a triple insertion, nucleophilic ring closure, deinsertion mechanism.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1039/b803732a
Journal Chemical Communications
Dornan, P. (Peter), Rowley, C.N. (Christopher N.), Priem, J. (Jessica), Barry, S.T, Burchell, T.J. (Tara J.), Woo, T.K. (Tom K.), & Richeson, D.S. (Darrin S.). (2008). Atom efficient cyclotrimerization of dimethylcyanamide catalyzed by aluminium amide: A combined experimental and theoretical investigation. Chemical Communications, (31), 3645–3647. doi:10.1039/b803732a