A novel method for the cyclotrimerization of dimethylcyanamide to form hexamethylmelamine has been developed using an aluminium amide catalyst; detailed DFT modelling of the catalytic cycle supports a triple insertion, nucleophilic ring closure, deinsertion mechanism.

Chemical Communications
Department of Chemistry

Dornan, P. (Peter), Rowley, C.N. (Christopher N.), Priem, J. (Jessica), Barry, S.T, Burchell, T.J. (Tara J.), Woo, T.K. (Tom K.), & Richeson, D.S. (Darrin S.). (2008). Atom efficient cyclotrimerization of dimethylcyanamide catalyzed by aluminium amide: A combined experimental and theoretical investigation. Chemical Communications, (31), 3645–3647. doi:10.1039/b803732a