The central region of a hexagonal array photonic crystal is replaced with the central region of a higher rotational order photonic quasi-crystal pattern. The quasi-crystal, with band gaps and defect states now acts as the defect region of the hexagonal array. For the model system examined, different types of "defect" states are identified, and the modal properties examined. The higher degree of defect state control provided by the mixing of photonic crystal types can find applications in resonator design for laser cavities and WDM as well as assist in the formation of non-conventional photonic crystal waveguide designs. Results are presented specifically for the hexagonal array and 12-fold quasi-crystal and can be extended to other photonic crystal combinations.
Optical Materials
Department of Electronics

Gauthier, R, Mnaymneh, K., Newman, S., Medri, K.E., & Raum, C. (2008). Hexagonal array photonic crystal with photonic quasi-crystal defect inclusion. Optical Materials, 31(1), 51–57. doi:10.1016/j.optmat.2008.01.006