The problem of model-based stabilization of a nonlinear system based on its approximate discrete-time model is addressed, under the assumption that both the feedforward and the feedback paths are subject to network-induced constraints. These constraints include irregularity of the transfer intervals, time-varying communication delays, and the possibility of packet losses. A communication protocol that copes with these constraints is proposed. A "Stability+performance recovery" result for the nonlinear model-based networked control system (NCS) is formulated and proven.Simulation results presented confirm that the proposed method improves the maximum allowable transfer interval.

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Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Polushin, I.G. (Ilia G.), Liu, P, & Lung, C.H. (2008). On the model-based approach to nonlinear networked control systems. Automatica, 44(9), 2409–2414. doi:10.1016/j.automatica.2008.01.031