New neutral gauge bosons (Z′'s) are predicted by many models of physics beyond the standard electroweak theory. It is possible that a Z′ will be discovered by the Large Hadron Collider program. The next step would be to measure its properties to identify the underlying theory that gave rise to the Z′. Heavy quarks have the unique property that they can be identified in the final states. In this Letter we demonstrate that measuring Z′ decays to b- and t-quark final states can act as an effective means of discriminating between models with extra gauge bosons.

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Journal Physical Review Letters
Godfrey, S, & Martin, T.A.W. (Travis A. W.). (2008). Identification of extra neutral gauge bosons at the LHC using b and t quarks. Physical Review Letters, 101(15). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.151803