Experimental results of time delay ripples in dispersion compensating fiber Bragg gratings fabricated with either holographic or electron-beam written 10-cm-long phase masks are presented. Deviations from linear phase delay are dependent upon UV exposure uniformity and phase mask errors.

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Department of Electronics

Mihailov, S.J. (S. J.), Bilodeau, F. (F.), Hill, K.O. (K. O.), Johnson, D.C. (D. C.), Albert, J, Stryckman, D. (D.), & Shu, C. (C.). (1999). Comparison of fiber Bragg grating dispersion-compensators made with holographic and E-beam written phase masks. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 11(5), 572–574. doi:10.1109/68.759402