Identification accuracy of witnesses for multiple perpetrators was examined using two lineup procedures, the simultaneous and elimination. Participants (N = 132) viewed a videotape of a staged theft involving two perpetrators (thief versus accomplice). Each witness was shown two lineups. Target-present and -absent lineups were used with each procedure across each perpetrator. Collapsing across lineup procedure, witnesses were more likely to correctly identify the thief than the accomplice. When either the thief or the accomplice was present in the lineup, identification accuracy did not vary as a function of lineup procedure. When either the thief or the accomplice was absent from the lineup, correct rejection rates were higher with the elimination lineup compared to the simultaneous lineup procedure. Copyright 2008 American Journal of Forensic Psychology.

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Journal American Journal of Forensic Psychology
Dempsey, J.L. (Julie L.), & Pozzulo, J. (2008). Identification accuracy of eyewitnesses for a multiple perpetrator crime: Examining the simultaneous and elimination lineup procedures. American Journal of Forensic Psychology, 26(4), 67–81.