The design of a fully-integrated CMOS bidirectional distributed amplifier (DA) based active duplexer with tunable broadband high isolation capability is presented. The S21 differential power gain peaks at 7 dB and then rolls off to a unity gain bandwidth of 11.5 GHz. The simulated tunable isolation performance is better than -26 dB. The simulated tunable isolation S 31 show a 10 dB improvement. Simulation results show that the co-design of DA based active duplexer with on-chip loop antenna has 6 dB S 21 power gain added improvement from DC up to 5.2 GHz compared to a matched stand alone on-chip loop antenna S21 power performance. The CMOS bidirectional DA based tunable active duplexer was fabricated using the 0.13μm CMOS technology and has a total silicon chip area of 1.887x0.795 mm2.

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1st Microsystems and Nanoelectronics Research Conference, MNRC 2008
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

El-Khatib, Z. (Ziad), MacEachern, L, & Mahmoud, S.A. (2008). Fully-integrated CMOS bidirectional distributed amplifier as tunable active duplexer for wireless transceiver applications. Presented at the 1st Microsystems and Nanoelectronics Research Conference, MNRC 2008. doi:10.1109/MNRC.2008.4683364