Several studies have discussed the need for reliable uniform testing of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs) independent of the manufacturer. We propose a test proceedure that will enable organizations across Canada to test CEWs in a reliable, repeatable manner. This proceedure includes, but goes beyond, the one proposed by the manufacturer. Test results so obtained will also enable:

  1. acceptance and regular validation of function of weapons in inventories of police service;
  2. post incedent testing to determine whether the weapon was functioning normally;
  3. collection of weapons data across Canada to allow research on trends with age of weapon or other factors related to performance.

The authors represent a group of subject matter experts who have been involved in research on or testing of CEWs.

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Series Test Procedure for Conducted Energy Weapons
Adler, A, Dawson, Dave, Evans, Ron, Garland, Laurin, Miller, Mark, & Sinclair, Ian. (2010, July 31). Test Procedure for Conducted Energy Weapons. Test Procedure for Conducted Energy Weapons.