Despite the links between the environment and health, campaigns designed to promote sustainable behaviour are rarely framed in terms of human health, and strategies to change health behaviour are not often applied to environmental behaviour. We illustrate the connections between health and the environment, and health behaviour and environmental behaviour. We also describe health behaviour models, and provide an analysis of how they might inform the research on environmental actions. We discuss research, education, and public policy implications of applying a health framework to environmental issues and promoting behaviour that is healthy for both the planet and human beings. Copyright 2008 by the Canadian Psychological Association.

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Canadian Psychology
Carleton University

Nisbet, E.K.L. (Elizabeth K. L.), & Gick, M. (2008). Can health psychology help the planet? Applying theory and models of health behaviour to environmental actions. Canadian Psychology, 49(4), 296–303. doi:10.1037/a0013277