• Opportunity for on-site food production comes from public and political support for ‘local food’, combined with a shortage of land for new producers

  • GIS study of Ontario healthcare properties shows 217 with more than one acre of arable land available, and 54 with more than five acres

  • Case studies demonstrate the benefits of a ‘farmer’— independent, staff member or community group—and/or labour force dedicated to the project

  • Initial and on-going viability correlates to the extent of institutional support, particularly staff time for project coordination

  • Institutional motivations for on-site food production initiatives vary, include mental and physical therapeutic benefits

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Project Soil
Province of Ontario, New Directions Program, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
School of Journalism and Communication

Mount, Phil, & Knezevic, I. (2015, September 30). Ontario public institutions and on-site food production: Current capacities and constraints. Project Soil.