This paper identifies some of the dynamics of expatriate adjustment using an autoethnographic account of situations experienced by the first author during her first year of work at a financial services company in Hong Kong. Success in this cross-cultural assignment is dependent on the expatriate's ability to adjust to and master the new culture. Our theoretical analysis of the autoethnographic account suggests that culture shock may be a discontinuous process. Further, the analysis suggests that cultural acceptance can play a critical role in expatriate adjustment.

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Keywords Autoethnography, Cross-cultural adjustment, Culture shock, Expatriates, Hong Kong
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Journal International Journal of Human Resource Management
Friedman, P.-A. (Perley-Ann), Dyke, L, & Murphy, S.A. (Steven A.). (2009). Expatriate adjustment from the inside out: An autoethnographic account. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20(2), 252–268. doi:10.1080/09585190802670524