One of the two ATLAS Forward Calorimeters (FCal), consisting of three modules, one behind the other, was exposed to particle beams of known energies in order to obtain the energy calibration. The data were taken in the H6 beamline at CERN in the summer of 2003, using electron and hadron beams with energies from 10 to 200 GeV. The beam test setup and collected data samples are described in detail. Using data samples taken with a minimal amount of material upstream of the calorimeter, the FCal response to electrons and pions, as measured by the linearity and resolution as a function of energy, is extracted and compared to ATLAS performance requirements.

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Journal of Instrumentation
Department of Physics

Archambault, J.P., Artamonov, A., Cadabeschi, M., Epshteyn, V., Galt, C., Gorbounov, P., … Tsukerman, I. (2008). Energy calibration of the ATLAS liquid argon forward calorimeter. Journal of Instrumentation, 3(2). doi:10.1088/1748-0221/3/02/P02002