The Internet has evolved into a multi-service infrastructure for the telecom and computer industries. Internet services are affected by congestions caused by the operations of Internet routing protocols. We propose a novel information service that guides the operations of Internet routing protocols to avoid such congestion. The information service maintains information about utilization of inter-domain links. The proposed service minimizes the maximum of utilization of Internet links by selecting potential network domains to be traversed by Internet services. Simulation results show better balanced distribution of traffic workloads among network links using the proposed service. We show that the proposed service scales well as network size grows. This comes at the cost of greater control messaging overhead which suggests using the proposed service with long-lived and higher bandwidth services

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IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

El-Darieby, M. (Mohamed), Petriu, D, & Rolia, J. (Jerry). (2007). Load-balancing data traffic among inter-domain links. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 25(5), 1022–1033. doi:10.1109/JSAC.2007.070614