Today's information systems are highly networked and need to operate in a global world. With this comes the problem of semantic heterogeneity of information representations. Semantic peer-to- peer networks have been proposed as a solution to this problem. They are based around two components: a peer-to-peer infrastructure for information exchange between information system, and the use of ontologies to define application semantics. However, progress in this area is hampered by a lack of commonality between these approaches, which makes their comparison and translation into practical implementations difficult. In this paper, we describe a reference model for semantic peer-to-peer networks in an effort to remedy this problem. The reference model will (1) enable the establishment of a common terminology for describing semantic peer-to-peer networks, and (2) pave the way for an emerging standardized API that will promote information system interoperability.

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Keywords Information system, Interoperability, Ontology, P2P, System modeling
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Mawlood-Yunis, A.-R. (Abdul-Rahman), Weiss, M, & Santoro, N. (2009). A reference model for semantic peer-to-peer networks. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-01187-0_27