In this paper, we investigate the long-term stock return performance of Canadian acquiring firms in the post-event period by using 1300 M&A events in the 1993-2002 period. We use both event-time and calendar-time approaches and conduct robustness tests for benchmarks, methodological choices, statistical techniques and other related factors such as payment methods. We also assess the role of governance variables. Contrary to stylized facts reported in US studies, neither do we find negative abnormal long-term abnormal stock market returns once we account for methodological discrepancies nor do we find negative long-term operating performance in the post-acquisition periods for the acquirer following an acquisition event. We also find that the Canadian market reacts positively to acquisition announcements but corrects for this reaction within a short period of time. Overall we find that Canadian acquisitions do not show value destruction or overpayment.

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Keywords Long-term performance, Market efficiency, Mergers and acquisitions
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Journal Journal of Banking and Finance
Dutta, S. (Shantanu), & Jog, V. (2009). The long-term performance of acquiring firms: A re-examination of an anomaly. Journal of Banking and Finance, 33(8), 1400–1412. doi:10.1016/j.jbankfin.2009.02.004