Psychology Today expert Timothy A. Pychyl condenses over twenty years of intensive research into this accessible guide to kicking the procrastination habit. Rich with case studies and simple mantras for change, this helpful – and often humorous – book reveals the root causes of procrastination and provides effective strategies for change.  Keeping his knowledge of delay tactics in mind, Pychyl designed this book to hook the chronic procrastinator by providing:

  • A quick read: Pychyl provides his key strategies in less than 100 pages.
  • Interactive exercises: help readers specify the program to their needs.
  • Key mantras: each chapter has an easy to remember mantra to promote daily change.
  • A multimedia format: Pychyl integrates humor and research with specially designed comic strips.

By exposing the negative health effects of procrastination, promoting emotional awareness, and providing easy-to-use action plans, SOLVING THE PROCRASTINATION PUZZLE helps readers recognize the need for change so they stop delaying and start living their most inspired life. (Publisher summary).

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