In this paper, we present a literature review on the topological planning problem of third generation (3G) cellular networks based on the universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) standard. After describing the UMTS architecture, we introduce each subproblem and present major works that have been done. The cell, the access and the core network planning problems have all been considered as well as a more global approach (when more than one subproblems are considered simultaneously). Both planning and expansion algorithms are also included in this review. The goal of this paper is to present and classify the different research works that have been done so that it can be used as a starting point for future research on topological design of UMTS networks. Copyright

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Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

St-Hilaire, M. (2009). Topological planning and design of UMTS mobile networks: A survey. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 9(7), 948–958. doi:10.1002/wcm.644