Our paper is linking complaint management and strategic intelligence. Customer complaints could he a useful source of information for strategic intelligence, This paper proposes conceptual models to understand the customer complaints process and its use to gather strategic intelligence, to help in counter-intelligence and influence strategic. It should help shaping a research program linking marketing (more specifically, customer complaints) and strategic intelligence. Managers mil aiso find some helpful advices to improve comphint management.

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Keywords Complaint management, Custnmers, Marketing, Strategic intelligence
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.3917/mama.044.0005
Journal Market Management: Marketing and Communication.
Larivet, S. (Sophie), & Brouard, F. (2007). Faire de l'intelligence économique au quotidien: Application à la gestion des réclamations. Market Management: Marketing and Communication., 7(4), 5–25. doi:10.3917/mama.044.0005