Rapid bioassay is very important for immediate and near-term consequence management, which includes identifying contaminated individuals and providing necessary medical intervention during a radiological or nuclear emergency. This paper reports the application of a newly developed bioassay technique for 90Sr in urine on a field deployable instrument, the Triathler®. Performance of this field technique for sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability is evaluated against bioassay criteria (ANSI N13.30). This field technique offers the following analytical merits: (1) minimum detectable activity of 121 Bq l-1 when 20 ml of urine is used; (2) relative bias of 11.1% and relative precision of 3.2% at the level of 45 Bq per 20 ml of urine and (3) sample turnaround time of less than 1 h. The technique meets the requirements for emergency bioassay when a committed effective dose of 0.5 Sv is used as the action dose threshold for medical intervention. Sample throughput can be significantly improved if this technique is automated.

Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Department of Chemistry

Li, C., Sadi, B.B., Moodie, G., Daka, J.N., Lai, E.P.C, & Kramer, G.H. (2009). Field deployable technique for 90Sr emergency bioassay. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 136(2), 82–86. doi:10.1093/rpd/ncp153