This article provides an overview of the action-oriented research literature - making a case for a methodological approach that endeavors to lessen the gap between theory and practice in the context of a multisector collaborative effort. A brief description of the first author's involvement in an action-oriented research project illustrates this point from the perspectives of the board of directors of a (then) newly-created joint venture with thirteen partner organizations representing the academic, pharmaceutical industry and government sectors. The contribution lies in demonstrating the utility of an action research approach when the overall objective of the research is to gain insights into the phenomenon of interest while simultaneously having these insights available to directly inform management practice.

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Keywords Action research, Case study, Literature review, Multisector collaboration
Journal Journal of Applied Business Research
Rod, M, & Saunders, S. (Sarena). (2009). Multisector collaboration: An action research approach. Journal of Applied Business Research, 25(5), 1–10.