This paper presents efficient modeling of optical interference devices such as optical connectors and cross-couplers in a SPICE1 like optoelectronic simulation framework. This framework is based on formulating modified nodal analysis equations that integrate electrical and optical elements in a single engine simulator. A significant difference in optical modeling with respect to standard electrical spice simulation is the need to model optical interference. Efficient modeling, within this framework, of devices based on interference effects is described in detail. Several examples using this framework are presented. These examples include optical links, cross-couplers, Machzehnders, optical connectors and other optical components.

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Photonics North 2009
Department of Electronics

Gunupudi, P, Smy, T, Klein, J. (Jackson), & Jakubczyk, J. (Jan). (2009). Modeling scattering and diffraction elements in a SPICE like optoelectronic framework. Presented at the Photonics North 2009. doi:10.1117/12.840124