In this article, we look at two intersecting imperatives in social work and university education and how they shape our thinking about quality in field education. We will explore how practices of new managerialism and the desire for diversity come into conflict when trying to assess the quality of field-based learning. Drawing on findings from a pilot research project we completed at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, we propose that it would be beneficial for Canadian schools of social work to rely less on assessing quality in terms of standards and specifications and more on a transformative notion of quality that speaks more clearly to empowering students and enhancing their knowledge and skills.

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Social Work Education
School of Social Work

Todd, S, & Schwartz, K. (2009). Thinking through quality in field education: Integrating alternative and traditional learning opportunities. Social Work Education, 28(4), 380–395. doi:10.1080/02615470902808326