Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework for assessing the comprehensive performance of supply chain partnership (SCP). Design/methodology/approach: Using the literature review approach, the paper proposes a framework to assess the performance of SCP. The framework is based on the self-assessment dimensions and approaches of the business excellence model developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The proposed framework could be implemented not only in entire supply chains, but also in a dyadic relationship. Findings: Identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement begins with assessing the level of SCP. The proposed framework focuses on assessing two dimensions of SCP - efforts and results - that will offer practitioners both balanced insights and valuable information. This framework also highlights assessment dimensions that could help qualified assessors to produce consistent judgments and evaluate multiple aspects of SCP. The framework includes practical indicators to help measure outcomes, such as cost efficiency and flexibility. Originality/value: This paper sheds light on the assessment dimensions based on the EFQM model. Assessors can conduct an objective and standardized assessment using these multiple dimensions. This paper expands the traditional concept of SCP performance into both tangible and intangible performance by emphasizing output and outcome.

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Supply Chain Management
Sprott School of Business

Kim, D.-Y. (Dong-Young), Kumar, V, & Kumar, U. (2010). Performance assessment framework for supply chain partnership. Supply Chain Management, 15(3), 187–195. doi:10.1108/13598541011039947