A miniature surface plasmon resonance sensor is fabricated from a gold-coated standard optical fiber with an in-core tilted fiber Bragg grating fabricated by UV exposure. The sensor has a measured refractive index sensitivity of 571.5 nm/RIU (refractive index unit) at constant temperature. We show here that the intrinsic temperature sensitivity of this device is reduced to less than 6.3 pm/°C (between 23 °C and 59 °C) when measurements are referenced to a core mode reflection resonance of the grating. This residual sensitivity is essentially that of the 50 nm thick deposited gold layer but it is bigger by one order of magnitude than the expected value (0.51 pm/°C) for a gold-water interface.

Optics Express
Department of Electronics

Shao, L.-Y, Shevchenko, Y. (Yanina), & Albert, J. (2010). Intrinsic temperature sensitivity of tilted fiber Bragg grating based surface plasmon resonance sensors. Optics Express, 18(11), 11464–11471. doi:10.1364/OE.18.011464