Building on a previously presented framework for a single engine simulator (OptiSPICE) this paper will present models and techniques for modelling devices used in local area networks utilizing wavelength division multiplexing, single-mode fiber and integrated electronics. This paper will detail time-domain models of various elements that form optical links in such a system. Detailed models based on physical rate equations will be presented for laser sources and electro-optic modulators. A single mode fiber model based on the Non-linear Schrodinger Equation and which includes multiple channel effects will be presented. Finally, a model of an avalanche photo-diode using an electrical diode and a photo-current which is proportional to the optical intensity at the input will be described. The final section of the paper will present results from a multi-channel optical link. The initial part of each channel is comprised of a laser source and driver, an optical gain/attenuation element and an electro-optical modulator driven by a bit stream generator. An optical multiplexing element is then used to merge the optical channels and this is connected to a single-mode fiber. At the end of the fiber an optical splitter is used with optical filters to de-multiplex the optical signal and finally a avalanche photo-diode and amplifier is used to terminate each channel. These results demonstrate the successful simulation of multi-channel optical links using the presented optoelectronic simulation framework and models.

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Modeling and Simulation for Defense Systems and Applications V
Department of Electronics

Gunupudi, P, Smy, T, Klein, J. (Jackson), & Jakubczyk, J. (Jan). (2010). Modeling multi-channel optical links using OptiSPICE for WDM systems. Presented at the Modeling and Simulation for Defense Systems and Applications V. doi:10.1117/12.850297