This paper proposes a continuous waveform to realize low transmitted power in a Radar system. The proposed waveform utilizes a pulsed compression scheme based on phase-coded modulation and linear FM which combines the desirable properties of both types of modulation. This paper also verifies waveform operation under channel effects such as multipath and noise. We determine power optimization due to waveform compression gain for given system specifications and use correlation values to detect both unambiguous range and Doppler shift. With a pre-determined noise and Doppler threshold, we can distinguish targets from sea clutter. Finally, we show the improvement in accuracy of elevation measurements by simulation when auto-correlation instead of signal strength ratios are used to determine target height.

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Conference IEEE International Radar Conference 2010, RADAR 2010
Ngwar, M. (Melin), & Wight, J. S. (2010). Phase-coded-linear-frequency-modulated waveform for low cost marine radar system. In IEEE National Radar Conference - Proceedings (pp. 1144–1149). doi:10.1109/RADAR.2010.5494447