ESI-MS, Isopropanol-sodium chloride solubilisation, Mass spectrometry, PIN-a, PIN-b, Puroindoline, SGAPs, Starch granule associated proteins, Starch granule surface, TRD, Trypsin, Tryptophan-rich domain, Wheat
Journal of Cereal Science
Department of Chemistry

Wall, M.L., Wheeler, H.L., Huebsch, M.P., Smith, J. C, Figeys, D., & Altosaar, I. (2010). The tryptophan-rich domain of puroindoline is directly associated with the starch granule surface as judged by tryptic shaving and mass spectrometry. Journal of Cereal Science, 52(2), 115–120. doi:10.1016/j.jcs.2010.04.002