This paper studies the behavior of a number of blasting (angular) and alluvium (rounded) modeled rockfill materials by conducting large-scale triaxial testing, as well as numerical modeling. The numerical modeling is based on an elasto-plastic theory and enables one to predict the stress-strainvolumetric behavior of materials during shearing. The material parameters were determined from the experimental and numerical modeling. Variations of the material parameters, with respect to the confining pressure, Los Angeles abrasion, Point Load index, and particle breakage were investigated. Also, for design applications, curves fitted to the data are presented.

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Keywords Numerical modeling, Particle breakage, Rockfill materials, Triaxial testing
Journal Scientia Iranica
Aghaei Araei, A., Soroush, A., & Rayhani, M.T. (2010). Large-scale triaxial testing and numerical modeling of rounded and angular rockfill materials. Scientia Iranica, 17(3 A), 169–183.