As envisioned cybercartography is compiled by teams of individuals from different disciplines and involves new research partnerships among academia, government, civil society, and the private sector. Collaboration and integration of research require deliberate and directed effort to manage and coordinate to enable all partners, collaborators, students, and stakeholders to fully participate and contribute to the research process. This chapter explores collaboration with the use of concepts from organizational theory, transdisciplinary research, and methods to measure collaboration. The chapter describes the Cybercartography and the New Economy (CANE) project as an organization of researchers, developers, users, and stakeholders who are collectively engaged in creating cybercartographic products and theoretical constructs. The Cybercartography project is viewed as an organized process that is structured to integrate research from various academic disciplines.
Modern Cartography Series
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Lauriault, T.P, & Taylor, D.R. (2005). Chapter 8 Cybercartography and the new economy: Collaborative research in action. Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/S1363-0814(05)80011-5