A design technique based on a combination of Common Sub-Expression Elimination and Bit-Slice (CSE-BitSlice) arithmetic for hardware and performance optimization of multiplier designs with variable operands is presented in this paper. The CSE-BitSlice technique can be extended to hardware optimization of multiplier circuits operating on vectors or matrices of variables. The CSE-BitSlice technique has been applied to the design and implementation of 12∈×∈12 and 42∈×∈42 bit real multipliers, a complex multiplier, a 6-tap FIR filter, and a 5-point DFT circuit. For comparison purposes, circuit implementations of the same arithmetic and DSP functions have been carried out using Radix-4 Booth and CSA algorithms. Simulation results based on implementations using the Xilinx FPGA 5VLX330FF1760-2 device shows that the circuits based on the CSE-BitSlice techniques require fewer logic resources and yield higher throughput as compared to the CSA and Radix-4 Booth based circuits.

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Journal of Signal Processing Systems
Department of Electronics

Ho, H., Szwarc, V., & Kwasniewski, T. (2010). Low complexity reconfigurable DSP circuit implementations based on common sub-expression elimination. Journal of Signal Processing Systems, 61(3), 353–365. doi:10.1007/s11265-010-0458-9