In this paper, we address the problem of broadcasting in a wireless sensor network under a novel communication model: the swamping communication model. In this model, nodes communicate only with those nodes at distance greater than s and at most r from them. We consider networks of unknown topology of diameter D, with a lower bound α on the geometric distance between nodes and a parameter g = 1/α (granularity). We present broadcast algorithms for networks of nodes placed on the line and on the plane with respective time complexities O(D/l + g2) and O(Dg/l + g4), where l ∈ Θ(max {(1 - s),α}).

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School of Computer Science

Kranakis, E, & Paquette, M. (Michel). (2010). Broadcasting in sensor networks of unknown topology in the presence of swamping. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-16023-3_22