The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of Internet-based technology (IBT) use during a new product development (NPD) project on new product time-to-market. It is hypothesized that (1) IBT use has a positive impact on new product time-to-market (2) this impact is both direct and indirect (3) the indirect impact of IBT use on product time-to-market is achieved through improvement of communication quality, effectiveness of team learning and level of team integration (4) the strength of these relationships is moderated by the product innovativeness. In order to test the hypotheses, data from 278 NPD projects conducted by Canadian and American manufacturing companies were collected and analyzed. IBT use was found to be a significant contributor to communication quality, effectiveness of team learning, level of team integration and new product time-to-market. Additionally, the results indicate that the relationships are stronger for projects developing highly innovative products as opposed to less innovative products.
International Journal of Innovation Management
Sprott School of Business

De Grosbois, D. (Danuta), Kumar, U, & Kumar, V. (2010). Internet-based technology use and new product time-to-market: The moderating effect of product innovativeness. International Journal of Innovation Management, 14(5), 915–946. doi:10.1142/S1363919610002933