The strategic intelligence literature includes many studies on the use of sales forces and exhibitions; however, customer complaints are generally sidestepped in the strategic intelligence context. This article takes a theoretical approach to the interaction between strategic intelligence and complaintmanagement. Fromour literature review, we draw an exploratorymodel of the link between the two processes andemphasize themostimportant complaint handling initiatives for strategic intelligence, both for its gathering and protection aspects. Ananalytical presentation of the intelligence that can be collected from complaints is proposed. The research should be helpful to managers who want to understand better or design a complaint management system that is 'strategic intelligence oriented'.

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Journal of Strategic Marketing
Sprott School of Business

Lariveta, S. (Sophie), & Brouard, F. (2010). Complaints are a firm's best friend. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 18(7), 537–551. doi:10.1080/0965254X.2010.529155