This paper addresses the empirical verification of a hypothesis relating to the different types of supply chain strategies. This verification is based on a conceptual framework that identified four supply chain strategies in the supply chain community. Using the data collected from 175 SME manufacturing firms in Canada, the identified constructs have been tested using the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) technique. Our results partially supported the proposed taxonomy of four supply chain strategy types. However, we found no support of the two underlying dimensions of supply chain strategy that were called modularising and appending. Interestingly, a new strategy called customer-oriented strategy was identified in the Canadian manufacturing data. Copyright

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International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management
Sprott School of Business

Fantazy, K.A. (Kamel A.), Kumar, V, & Kumar, U. (2011). Exploring new supply chain strategies in manufacturing SMEs. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 8(2), 134–151. doi:10.1504/IJLSM.2011.038599