Classic western films often conceive of the west as existing in a legal void, where the central conflict is a binary one between lawlessness and legalization. The law is a monolith, and the legalization process is linear - a narrative of the west's inexorable evolution toward a modern state governed by the rule of law. Cimino's Heaven's Gate presents a more postmodernist, pluralist conception. There is no grand narrative of legalization; the film envisages a discourse of justice emerging from the interaction of a variety of discourses, and which appears to be a unity only from the vantage point of history.

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Law, Culture and the Humanities
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Young, D. (2011). Law and the foucauldian Wild West in Michael Cimino's heaven's gate. Law, Culture and the Humanities, 7(2), 310–326. doi:10.1177/1743872109355555