Model transformation is one of the basic principles of Model Driven Architecture. To build a software system, a sequence of transformations is performed, starting from requirements and ending with implementation. However, requirements are mostly in the form of text, but not a model that can be easily understood by computers; therefore, automated transformations from requirements to analysis models are not easy to achieve. The overall objective of this systematic review is to examine existing literature works that transform textual requirements into analysis models, highlight open issues, and provide suggestions on potential directions of future research. The systematic review led to the analysis of 20 primary studies (16 approaches) obtained after a carefully designed procedure for selecting papers published in journals and conferences from 1996 to 2008 and Software Engineering textbooks. A conceptual framework is designed to provide common concepts and terminology and to define a unified transformation process. This facilitates the comparison and evaluation of the reviewed papers.

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Requirements Engineering
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Yue, T. (Tao), Briand, L.C. (Lionel C.), & Labiche, Y. (2011). A systematic review of transformation approaches between user requirements and analysis models. Requirements Engineering (Vol. 16, pp. 75–99). doi:10.1007/s00766-010-0111-y