Single-wall carbon nanotube deposition on the cladding of optical fibers has been carried out to fabricate an all-fiber nonlinear device. Two different nanotube deposition techniques were studied. The first consisted of repeatedly immersing the optical fiber into a nanotube supension, increasing the thickness of the coating in each step. The second deposition involved wrapping a thin film of nanotubes around the optical fiber. For both cases, interaction of transmitted light through the fiber core with the external coating was assisted by the cladding mode resonances of a tilted fiber Bragg grating. Ultrafast nonlinear effects of the nanotube-coated fiber were measured by means of a pump-probe pulses experiment.

Optics Letters
Department of Electronics

Villanueva, G.E. (Guillermo E.), Jakubinek, M.B. (Michael B.), Simard, B. (Benoit), Oton, C.J. (Claudio J.), Matres, J. (Joaquín), Shao, L.-Y, … Albert, J. (2011). Linear and nonlinear optical properties of carbon nanotube-coated single-mode optical fiber gratings. Optics Letters, 36(11), 2104–2106.