Fiber Bragg gratings with grating planes inclined relative to the fiber cross section can be used to excite a large number of cladding modes in a few tens of nm of spectral bandwidth. Each of these modes responds differentially to various perturbations, thereby enabling many sensing modalities from a single sensor design. In particular, we show here that the polarization state of the input core mode light further enhances the sensing options and show that polarization dependent loss (PDL) can be used to increase the sensitivity of refractometric and surface plasmon resonance sensors.

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Keywords Bragg gratings, Optical fiber, Plasmon, Polarization, Sensors
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Conference Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications VIII
Albert, J, Shao, L.-Y, Beliaev, A. (Alexander), & Caucheteur, C. (Christophe). (2011). Polarization properties of tilted fiber Bragg gratings for novel sensing Modalities. Presented at the Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications VIII. doi:10.1117/12.887540