Due to their importance for studies oi wireless networks, recent years have seen a surge of activity on the design of local algorithms for the solution of a variety of network tasks. We study the behaviour of algorithms with very low localities. Despite of this restriction we propose local constant ratio approximation algorithms for solving minimum dominating and connected dominating set, maximum independent set and minimum vertex cover in location aware Unit Disk Graphs. We also prove the first ever lower bounds for local algorithms for these problems with a given locality in the location aware setting.

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Keywords Approximation algorithms, Local algorithms, Location awareness, Lower bounds, Unit Disk Graphs
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.3390/a1010002
Journal Algorithms
Wiese, A. (Andreas), & Kranakis, E. (2008). Impact of locality on location aware Unit Disk Graphs. Algorithms, 1(1), 2–29. doi:10.3390/a1010002