The transition from a software product line to a software ecosystem, as reported by Bosch [5], takes place, when the product line company makes its platform available to developers outside the company. A similar transition takes place from a software ecosystem to a collective, when the platform is jointly created and owned by a group of members. Building on the literature on software product line economics, this research identifies three factors affecting the economics of collectives (level of contribution, number of members, and diversity of use), and develops a model linking those factors to three economic outcomes (time, quality, and cost). Copyright

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Keywords Collectives, Open source software, Product line economics, Software ecosystems, Software product lines
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Conference 15th International Software Product Line Conference, SPLC'11
Weiss, M. (2011). Economics of collectives. Presented at the 15th International Software Product Line Conference, SPLC'11. doi:10.1145/2019136.2019181