Universities have a responsibility to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to be productive in their work environment. Recently, the discipline of IT Service Management has become globally recognized as critical to organizations. Academia appears to be lagging industry in providing education in this field. This paper describes the motivation, implementation, outcomes and challenges experienced by two universities, one in Australia and the other in Canada, in designing and offering an ITSM course. Using a narrative inquiry method, the authors share their experiences and compare these two cases. The outcomes of the analysis highlight the need for professional development of Faculty, consideration of the breadth and depth of content, and balancing of competing Academic goals. A list of lessons learned is formulated to assist other faculty members undertaking similar endeavors.

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Keywords Curriculum design, ISO/IEC 20000, IT infrastructure library, IT service management, Reflective process
Journal Journal of Global Information Technology Management
Cater-Steel, A. (Aileen), Hine, M.J, & Grant, G. (2010). Embedding IT Service Management in the Academic Curriculum: A Cross-national Comparison. Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 13(4), 64–92.