Suitable substrates: An improvement in the refractive-index sensitivity is observed for the quadrupolar plasmonic mode of a monolayer of 60 nm silver nanocubes deposited on a thin silicon film. Dipolar plasmonic band splitting on this high-refractive-index substrate is stronger than on a glass substrate (see picture). As a result, the quadrupolar band is easier to identify, even in high-refractive-index liquids. The work demonstrates the importance of using high-refractive-index substrates. Copyright

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Keywords dipoles, quadruples, refractive index, silicon, silver
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Journal ChemPhysChem
Bottomley, A. (Adam), & Ianoul, A.I. (2011). Improved refractive-index sensitivity of silver-nanocube monolayers on silicon films. ChemPhysChem, 12(16), 2912–2914. doi:10.1002/cphc.201100626