The goal of the present study was to design, implement, and evaluate a school-based programme that aimed to increase self-esteem and positive body image among preadolescent boys and girls. Participants in grades five and six (N = 77; M age = 10.86, 53.2% girls) from a public school in Eastern Ontario completed a battery of validated measures to assess factors related to self-esteem and body image, one week before and one week after the programme. Results indicated that, for both boys and girls, participation in the programme was associated with significantly higher levels of self-esteem and positive body image. The programme was also effective in making participants significantly more aware but less accepting of the distorted and unrealistic body ideals perpetuated by the media. Findings support a new approach for improving body image among Canadian preadolescents. Implications for educators, researchers, and clinicians are discussed.

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Keywords body image, boys, evaluation, girls, preadolescents, self-esteem
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Journal Canadian Journal of School Psychology
Norwood, S.J. (Sarah Jane), Murray, M. (Marisa), Nolan, A. (Amanda), & Bowker, A. (2011). Beautiful from the inside out: A school-based programme designed to increase self-esteem and positive body image among preadolescents. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 26(4), 263–282. doi:10.1177/0829573511423632