Commercially available reference materials are integral components of many experimental protocols, as it is critical to compare one's results to those derived from well-characterized standards. Most reference materials are well defined, with all their components being cataloged. However, certain reference materials, such as commercially prepared starch samples, can have undefined components, potentially limiting their usefulness as standards. The proteome of commercially prepared starch has not been documented, and to that end, we initiated a mass spectrometry-based survey of the proteins associated with starch granules in commercially prepared rice and maize starch samples. We performed direct trypsin treatments of starch samples and sequenced both the water-soluble peptides liberated into the aqueous supernatant and the peptides released from the starch granule surface by isopropanol solvent washing. We discovered that the majority of proteins, in both rice and maize samples, were involved in either carbohydrate metabolism or storage. We also documented proteins that are markers for seed maturity and for starch mobilization.

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Keywords Commercial reference material, Maize, Rice, SGAP, Starch granule associated protein, Starch metabolism
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Journal Journal of Proteomics
Koziol, A.G. (Adam G.), Marquez, B.K. (Benazir K.), Huebsch, M.P. (Matthew P.), Smith, J. C, & Altosaar, I. (Illimar). (2012). The starch granule associated proteomes of commercially purified starch reference materials from rice and maize. Journal of Proteomics, 75(3), 993–1003. doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2011.10.019