The use of open linked data in libraries is quickly developing as means of connecting digital content from the web to local library collections. In the world of cataloguing, metadata, and authority control, using controlled vocabularies through open linked data presents the possibility of providing library patrons with access to a seemingly unlimited expanse of digital resources. Encouraged by this potential, the Carleton University Library is currently implementing open linked data models within its institutional repository in order to connect users to digital content within our repository, our ILS, and beyond. This poster presents the ideas and processes behind this innovative project, and hopes to inspire other libraries to implement open linked data concepts in order to enhance the discoverability of their own digital collections. Learning Outcomes: • Clear explanation of open linked data concepts using diagrams to illustrate key points • How libraries of all sizes can utilize linked data for authority control to expand access to digital collections • How libraries can use linked data to promote and expand access to OA publications

Ontario Library Association Super Conference
MacOdrum Library

Browning, J. (2016). Enhancing the Discovery of Digital Collections: A Linked Data Approach to Supporting Digital Content in Libraries.. Presented at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference.