All introductory textbooks to the New Testament have something to say about the miracles and resurrection of Jesus, sometimes implicitly but more often explicitly. Not surprisingly, conservative textbooks take a conservative approach, rejecting outright the "naturalism" that governs other human and natural sciences. Yet even liberal textbooks stop short of assuming a fully naturalistic paradigm. This paper analyses the assumptions that serve as the foundation of both conservative and liberal treatments of the miraculous, and joins others in calling for the academic study of Christian Origins to situate itself more fully within the academic study of religion.

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Keywords academic study of religion, anti-naturalism, epistemology, miracles, naturalism, secular biblical criticism
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Journal Studies in Religion-Sciences Religieuses
Crook, Z. (2011). On the treatment of miracles in new testament scholarship. Studies in Religion-Sciences Religieuses (Vol. 40, pp. 461–478). doi:10.1177/0008429811420693