Carleton University and Sander Geophysics are developing an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for aeromagnetic surveying. As an early indication of the performance to expect from the UAS, a simulated UAS (sUAS) was built. The sUAS is a T-shaped structure suspended beneath a helicopter which has the same magnetometers and sensor geometry as planned for the UAS. A test survey was conducted using the simulated UAS and the total magnetic intensity (TMI) data recorded were compared to that obtained during a conventional regional fixed-wing survey and a ground survey. Transverse magneto-gradiometric data were also recorded by the sUAS.

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Keywords Airborne survey, Magnetics, Resolution
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Caron, R. (Raymond), Samson, C, Straznicky, P. (Paul), Ferguson, S. (Stephen), Archer, R. (Reed), & Sander, L. (Luise). (2011). Magnetic and magneto-gradiometric surveying using a simulated unmanned aircraft system. doi:10.1190/1.3628210