We theoretically examine the optical guiding properties of typical 3-layer oxide waveguides with an additional thin high dielectric cladding applied on one side. Modal and FDTD simulations techniques are performed to determine the field evolution and coupling coefficients for light transitioning between the un-clad and clad regions. Results indicate that such waveguide structures lead to novel integrated optic device designs. We also address the issue of efficiently coupling light from a low dielectric value slab waveguide, into the lowest order mode supported in the clad layer by using waveguide tapers. In particular a waveguide structure suitable for efficiently interfacing glass based and silicon based waveguide structures is presented for the SOI fabrication platform.

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Keywords Adiabatic couplers, Integrated optics, Silicon optics, Slab waveguides, SOI, Waveguide tapers
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.907520
Conference Silicon Photonics VII
Gauthier, R, & Medri, K.E. (Kristian E.). (2012). Glass-based silicon-clad optical device designs. Presented at the Silicon Photonics VII. doi:10.1117/12.907520